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As a new homeowner, (or if you are a seasoned homeowner) you’re going to have to do some regular repairs and maintenance on your home—it’s just part of owning a home. A little bit of planning can make repairs manageable, it’s a good idea plan for repairs and start budgeting for them.  Set aside some funds for when the following repairs and maintenance issues inevitably come up.

  1. The Roof – Maintain your roof so that you get the longest life possible.  Begin by agitating any large clumps of moss with a stiff brush, then you can blow the loose debris off of the roof with a backpack style blower.  If you don't want to tackle this job yourself, you can call a local roof cleaning and maintenance company to come out and take of moss and debris for you.  Plan on it costing around $300.  More if you have a huge roof or the pitch is steep.  All of the moss and debris needs to be removed and then cleared from the inside of the gutters and the downspouts.  Applying a zinc sulfate to the roof will kill any of the remaining moss.  It's left on the roof and kills all moss within about a month.  It's pretty environmentally friendly and won't harm your plants or siding. The rain and the wind will take care of the rest of the moss. Plan to do this or have this done every couple of years, and plan for every year if your roof is surrounded by tall trees that drop leaves and needles on roof.  If your home is in a shady spot, moss loves it there.  Your roof should last 20-40 years for composite style asphalt shingle roof.  But, if you bought your home when it was several years old already, make deposits into that saving account, roofs are not inexpensive to replace. 
  2. Electrical replacements – Beyond light bulb replacements, wiring can occasionally go bad in a light fixture and cause issues, call an electrician to come out and check things out.  Squirrels and mice can chew on wires in an attic. Simply using electricity produces heat, over time, that heat causes expanding and contracting of an electrical system.  The cyclical heating and cooling can cause screws to loosen in the electrical panel.  Have an electrician look at your electrical system every year or two.  
  3. Drywall Repairs – Bumping a wall or corner when you are moving furniture is easy to do. Repairing a hole in your drywall can cost up to $300 for a professional repair that matches the texture of the wall. 
  4. Plumbing Repairs – The moving parts inside the toilet tank can wear out over the years,, and you will need to get it fixed quickly to save on water bills and keep things working.  Sometimes a slow leak can start with a water supply line, and drips build up.  Damage from water is not fun to deal with and can be very expensive if left un-addressed.  Professional plumbers can cost up to $150 an hour depending on the job, the plumbers availability, and the time of day that you need them. 
  5. Flooring repairs – Your floor goes through a lot of abuse, and it's not just the day to day wear.  Heavy objects, moving furniture and accidental issues can cause damage.  Repair costs can vary depending on the type of flooring, i.e. carpet, laminate, wood flooring, vinyl, etc.  So set aside at least $200, just for repairs. 
  6. The furnace and A/C – It seems like one of these is running at all times.  Your furnace needs a new filter ever 6 months, and you should plan to have your entire system cleaned and checked by a professional every year.  the cost of filters varies, but they can cost up to $45.  Annual service on the HVAC can cost between $100 – $250. 

Plan ahead, make a budget and know that maintaining your home is money well spent! Remember that quote, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". It's true when it comes to maintaining your house, too!

If you would like the names of our preferred providers, let me know.  We have relationships with many vendors in the area, and many of them even offer a discount to our great clients.  

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