Vancouver #1 In NATION For Rising Rents

Vancouver WA is now #1 in the nation for rising rents. 

If you are a tenant in this town, you don't need a news report to tell you that your rent is super high.  But, what can you do? 

Scroll to the bottom to take a look at a recent news broadcast on KGW channel 8.

Here are several ways to reduce your spending so there is more money in your checking account when it is time to write the rent check: 

1. Get rid of the stuff you don't need and don't use.  Have a garage sale, place an ad on craigslist, or post it on Facebook.  Then, SAVE THE MONEY!  If you just have stuff, and it is won't sell, get rid of it.  Declutter and create more space.  Having more space will make the small area you live in more enjoyable and actually live larger.

2. Walk. Discover your neighborhood, meet your neighbors and check out the services that are close enough to walk to. The other benefits, regular exercise can help you reduce your wiegh, and even reduce long term medical costs.  A simple walk can even improve how you feel, and increase your energy levels. How does this save you money?  Spend an hour walking, not buying gas, not at the gym (which costs money) and improve your fitness.

3. Unplug appliances and electronics you are not using. Lots of those electonic devices eat up energy eeven when they are not on. That means your X-Box, the toaster, the coffee machine, the stereo you never use unless friends are over.  Unplug and save that money on your electric bill.  Only plug in when you use them. 

4. Ditch your bank and find one that honors you.  Are you paying a monthly fee for your checking account? You may need to check into a credit union or a bank that doesn't charge you for keeping your money there. Check out the ATM fees and only use ATMs that don't charge you.  Check the online services, and one that will pay you interest on your checking and savings. A simple switch could save you $20 or more a month and it won't make any difference in how you live, in fact it may even make your life simplier with some good onkine banking.

5. Make a list when you go to the super market. Check your cabinets and pantry before you go to the store. Make sure you only get what is on your list, and don't buy things that you already have. Make a menu, what will you eat this week?  Then eat it! 

6. Shop at the lowest priced grocery store in your neighborhood.  I know it may be quicker to stop a store on your way home and grab a few things, but is that store offering the best prices?  Make sure you know and only shop at the store that truly offers the best prices. 

7. Clip some coupons.  Well, down load the app.  There are several apps that can help you find all of the local coupons for your area.  Then check out sites like Simple Dollar Coupon Finder, free coupons there every day.  See if there are manufacturers coupons for the things you are going to buy anyway.  Plan your weekly meals and needed items around what you can save money on by looking at the grocery stores weekly circular.

8. Stop by the library and borrow a movie or a book.  Rentals add up, they count on you being late.  So, check out the library instead.

9. Drop the satillite or cable TV.  Try the 30 days of free Netflix, then if it seems like you will miss TV on cable, get the $7.99 a month deal.  Then make sure you put the savings into your account marked SAVINGS! 

10. Make sure you have a savings account.  Even if you can only put $10 a month into that account, $10 x12 months is $120 you didn't have before.  Once you start saving, guess what?  You will want to save more! 

11. It may be time to look at BUYING a house.  Did you know that you could buy a house in Washington for zero down? If you are paying rent, and it is more than $1000 a month, with good credit, you could probably buy a house.  A $200,000 house with a zero down loan, may get you a payment between $1100 and $1200 a month.  Once you factor in the tax savings, you will be paying less for a house than you would for rent.  


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