Street of Dreams, Just Dreams, or Just a Street?

Street of Dreams, Just Dreams, or Just a Street?



This year the Street of Dreams® was held in Lake Oswego, at a neighborhood called “The Highlands”.  The Highlands is at the intersection of Goodall and Knauss roads, near Lake Oswego High School.  The highlight of this year’s Street of Dreams® was promoted as “ A new era of Northwest style, inspired by John Yeon and his mid-century modern Shaw House.”  

There was a defniate theme this year, not too much was distinctive, the whole show had the feel that we all should love and embrace the mid-century mode.  From the colors to the furniture, there was the theme.  In fact there were so many of the houses that had the same color scheme it is hard to remember which house was which.  From the exterior, the homes were a bit different, but the interior design and decor seemed to follow the mid-century look.  One home even had parquet flooring, you know just like the flooring the Boston Celtics play on.

One home really wasn't  in the mid-centry wardrobe, but you couldn't tell that from the street.   I was a bit confused as to who the buyer would be, it felt a bit as though the house was specifically built with a certain ethnicity in mind.  Asian or South Asian? 

I didn’t really see anything this year that made me say, “Wow!”  This year, I say, it was just a Street.  

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I have been to the Street of Dreams every year for I don't know how long.  This year the Street of 

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